20131227 Time Slip Concert Ending

Video Credit: OnlyBoAs

That one time where Changmin initiates a hug on stage!

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hello welcome to the fandom; changmin won’t be very nice to you but you get used to it

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A fan who attended “Cool Kidz” filming discovered a photo of Yunho in Changmin’s van

RT @ moblic618 유노윤호_사생팬의_팬심.jpg (예체능 방청 다녀온 어느 팬이 창민이 벤 안에서 발견한 윤호 사진ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) pic.twitter.com/kcJxep6SD1

cr trans mug_ping

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In which Changmin adored his model too much that he printed out his picture and keep it in his van

#can’t make this shit up #oh god what if changmin wanted to move out of the dorms #so he could have a shrine to yunho in his living room #and in the beginning kyu came over every day #and then once a week #and then never again #'cause it was getting progressively creepier #'yah loser why is there a lifesize yunho doll made out of… did you make it out hyung's actual hair' #'…◡‿◡✿ it's a good luck charm ◡‿◡✿ for badminton ◡‿◡✿'

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I love owls omg

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"Back then, our staff and people at the agency said we’d have new experiences and difficulties in Japan. We were told we’d need to start anew in Japan. So we talked, the two of us, while watching crows and one of us suggested we take baby steps from the bottom. It was just a suggestion at first, but that became a reality. I’m happy we’re men who kept our promises." [x]

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